Sustainability at MOSL

At MOSL, we are committed to making a positive impact, inspiring positive action, and empowering positive change. Our 12 sustainability commitments share how we support colleagues, act as a responsible employer, work with our community, and provide insight into the market and wider water industry.

Working in partnership

As a relatively small not-for-profit organisation, we know that we can’t do everything and that we can’t do it all at once, but we can do our bit. By working closely with partners we can help make a bigger impact. 

In 2023/2024 we published our first Sustainability Plan. The first year of delivery has been a big learning curve, and we have focused as much on ‘how we do things’ as ‘what we do’. 

As an organisation working in the water sector, we take our commitment to water efficiency and climate change seriously – it’s important to us that we ‘practice what we preach’ and do what we can to reduce our impact on the environment. In November 2023 we were awarded the Waterwise Checkmark for Offices, which recognises our commitment to water efficiency. In December 2023, we also published out first Carbon Baseline Report, outlining our carbon emissions for 2022 and our goals to reduce our emissions and improve the accuracy of our reporting.

2023/24 Sustainability Plan

Since we launched our Sustainability Plan, we’ve built some solid foundations and made good progress.

Over the last year, we have brought together 36 new and existing initiatives within our four focus areas: Our People, Our Business, Our Community, and Our Industry.

Other key highlights from the year include becoming a Disability Confident Employer. Our Diversity Society and People Team also delivered inclusion training to all our people managers and just over half of colleagues received Mental Health First Aid training.

You can find further information on all our deliverables in our 2023/24 Sustainability Report.

Support at all levels

Our sustainability aims are supported at every level of our organisation. 

Lyvia Nabarro, Head of Market Engagement and Communications and Sustainability Sponsor, said: 

"I’m delighted with the progress we are making on all fronts. Our people are passionate about working for a responsible business and driving positive change. We are particularly proud of the money we have raised for Naomi House and Jacksplace; a charity everyone has really taken to their hearts. We have also achieved some big milestones in terms of our commitments to water effiency and carbon, as well as supporting colleague wellbeing and extending our offerings to educational partners. All of which is only possible through the dedication of people that work for MOSL and the people and companies who have supported us on this journey so far."

What's next?

We’re incredibly proud of everything we have achieved, but this is just the start. We’re committed to continuing to roll out our employee-led wellbeing programme, improve our carbon reporting, and share our data dashboards and maps to help organisations make more informed water efficiency decisions.

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