People and Culture

Our people are the heart of MOSL. We aim to nurture and support our colleagues on their journey to make a difference in the non-household water market.

Our commitment to colleagues

We are a learning organisation and seek to create a hub whereby people can develop their careers within MOSL and the broader water sector.

As the market operator for the water retail market in England, having a team of highly-skilled and committed individuals is essential to helping us drive forward and develop a successful, competitive market. Underpinned by our values, we aim to make MOSL a great place to work and offer opportunities to advance individuals’ personal development and career aspirations.

Our Values


We are a learning organisation, using our knowledge, experience and analytical skill to get inside complex issues. We make sound, evidence-based decisions in a fair and impartial way and look for new and innovative ways to solve problems.


We welcome diversity of opinion as a source of strength and are consultative in our approach. We understand the needs and views of others, recognising they may legitimately see things differently to us.


We are open, honest and accountable, communicating clearly and succinctly. We are clear about our intentions and the reasons behind our decisions. We cut through complexity to make things intuitive, clear and simple.


We use our knowledge to help shape both the market and the views of stakeholders in the best interest of the market. We take decisions, engage with issues and track progress.

This is how we do it: Living and breathing our values exemplified by Katie Franklin, Data Analyst at MOSL.

Time stamps:

0:12 - Expertise: What have you done to increase your knowledge in the past year?

3:09 - Respect: What does proffessional integrity mean to you?

5:05 - Influence: Describe a time in your career where you've influence outside of your function or department

7:38 - Clarity: How do you make sure you are articulating the right amount of information to the relevant people?

Please note that captions are embedded in the video.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

As a member of the Energy and Utilities Skills Partnership Inclusion Commitment, our aim is to create a working environment where everyone feels valued and respected as both an individual and a member of the team. We are committed to having a diverse and inclusive culture, where everyone can succeed. Read more about our diversity and inclusion commitments here.

Wellbeing wise

At MOSL, we ensure our colleagues feel fully supported, valued and listened to, and are provided with the appropriate assistance should they require it, to look after or improve their physical, mental and financial wellbeing.

Our wellbeing programme includes:

  • Annual health screenings
  • An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)
  • Organised wellbeing activities i.e. mindfulness workshops, financial seminars, restorative exercise classes such as desk yoga and improving back health
  • A team of Mental Health First Aiders.

EDI Toolkit

MOSL and the Institute of Water worked collaboratively to create an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Toolkit to support companies in promoting honest conversations and enabling more inclusive work environments. You can download the toolkit below. If you have any questions, please email

Working at MOSL

MOSL has a very collaborative workplace culture and when faced with a new challenge, we ask “how can we explore this further?” rather than “No, it won’t work."

Picture of Amanda Hinde, MOSL's Market Design Manager

Amanda Hinde

Market Design Manager

MOSL is the best employer I have had in my career. Wellbeing and inclusion is at the core of the company values and truly put into action.

Picture of Fabrizio Zamburlin, MOSL's Senior Market Performance Analyst

Fabrizio Zamburlin

Senior Market Performance Analyst

I enjoy working for MOSL because I believe in my work – I know what I do has a meaningful, positive impact. It also helps that everyone is so friendly and understanding!

Picture of Abu Rashid, MOSL's Senior Market Design Analyst

Abu Rashid

Senior Market Design Analyst

MOSL is one of the best organisations I have worked for, particularly regarding the opportunities employees are offered for personal development. Colleagues at all levels are encouraged to have a voice and share ideas, and the culture is inclusive, friendly and supportive.

Picture of Kerry Spencer, MOSL's Executive Assistant to CEO

Kerry Spencer

Executive Assistant to CEO


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