Ability for Wholesalers to add meter reads

Summary of this change

CPW087: This change proposal seeks to allow Wholesalers to submit meter reads into CMOS (non-settlement affecting) to facilitate Retailers in gathering readings, improving the market dataset, and reducing the Long Unread position. CPW087 was approved by Ofwat on 7 July 2020 and will be implemented on 6 November 2020.

Title Published
CPW087 Change Proposal 16/03/2020
Title Published
Title Published
CPW087 Consultation 16/04/2020
Title Published
CPW087 Draft Recommendation Report 15/05/2020
CPW087 Final Recommendation Report 27/05/2020
Title Published
CPW087 Ofwat Decision 07/07/2020
CPW087 Post Implementation Review 16/05/2022
CPW087 Post Implementation Update 30/11/2023

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