Bulk Submission of Service Requests via MS Excel

Summary of this change

CPW067: This change proposal seeks to provide an effective bulk submission mechanism for Retailers wishing to submit ten or more Forms at any one time, provided that the Retailer and Wholesaler first reach an informal service level agreement. The “First” solution was returned by Ofwat in October 2019. CPW067 was redeveloped by a subgroup and a "Second" solution submitted.  The "Second" solution was returned by Ofwat in April 2021.

Title Published
CPW067 - Change Proposal 17/05/2019
Title Published
Title Published
CPW067 - First Consultation 04/07/2019
CPW067 - Second Consultation 19/06/2020
Title Published
CPW067 - First Decision 18/10/2019
CPW067 - Second Decision 20/04/2021

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