Management of Long-Term Vacant Supply Points

Summary of this change

This change seeks to improve the verification and management of Supply Point IDs (SPIDs) associated with long term vacant premises. It defines criteria for long-term vacant premises and creates a process for Trading Parties to verify their eligibility as long-term vacant. Following an earlier consultation in 18 November – 9 December 2020, the solution has been amended to extend the minimum read frequency for long-term vacant SPIDs to five years.



Title Published
CPW106 CP 15/10/2020
CPW106 Vacancy Insight Report 15/10/2020
Title Published
Title Published
CPW106 Consultation 18/11/2020
CPW106 Consultation 2 24/03/2021
Title Published
CPW106 Draft Recommendation Report 21/06/2021
CPW106 Final Recommendation Report 02/07/2021
CPW106 Withdrawal 22/03/2022
Title Published
CPW106 Decision document 10/02/2022

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