Provisions of Information Obligation

Summary of this change

This Change Proposal seeks to address the Panel’s involvement in the Provisions of Information obligation in the Market Terms.

Title Published
CPW105 CP V1 13/11/2020
CPW105 CP V2 08/02/2022
Title Published
Title Published
Title Published
CPW105 DRR 13/11/2020
CPW105 FRR 01/12/2020
CPW105 Draft Recommendation Report V2 12/04/2022
CPW105 Draft Recommendation Report V2.1 14/04/2022
CPW105 Final Recommendation Report V2.0 29/04/2022
Title Published
CPW105 Decision Document 26/04/2021
CPW105 Decision Document V2.0 15/07/2022

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