Transfer Read Notifications for Outgoing Retailers

Summary of this change

CPW148: This change proposes to modify CMOS so where there has been any change to a Transfer Read, notifications are sent to the Outgoing Retailer as well as the Incoming Retailer. This should enable timely and accurate final bills and avoid double charging by both retailers for the same consumption.

Title Published
CPW148 Change Proposal Form 29/11/2023
CPW148 Change Plan 30/11/2023
Title Published
Title Published
CPW148 Engagement Brief 05/01/2024
CPW148 Attachment 1 CSD0301 Legal Drafting 08/01/2024
Title Published
CPW148 Draft Recommendation Report 04/03/2024
CPW148 Final Recommendation Report 28/03/2024
Title Published

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