Greenhouse Gas Emission Dashboard

The MOSL Greenhouse Gas Emission dashboard uses Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission data provided to Ofwat annually by water companies in England and Wales. These are published on the Discover Water website. We have linked these GHG rates to volumes available on the volumetric service components in CMOS based on the latest D1 settlement run available (Trade Effluent not included).

The dashboard shows GHG emission trends for treating water and sewerage supply points with volumetric consumption. Carbon and consumption can be toggled and filtered by trading party type, service (water/sewerage) and, where matched, Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) division industry type.

This data is accurate as at the first business day of the month and is updated on the 9th business day of every month.

The 'About' page provides more detail about each measure used, as well as administrative details such as version control and contact points. 

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For further guidance on how to use this dashboard, please click here.

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