Large SPIDs dashboard

This dashboard focuses on the largest supply points, defined as the top consuming 1% of non-household water supply points, which use over 50% of water in the market and as such present a significant opportunity to reduce water demand and mitigate some of the environmental and water security challenges.

The data can be filtered by trading party and is presented with further market insight on water efficiency, metering and switching. The largest supply points are also visualised on a map with popup information on the postcode and responsible wholesaler and retailer. Please note that there is a limit to the number of points that can be displayed on the map so not all water SPIDs will be visualised at small scales, i.e. when no selection (retailer or wholesaler) is made. To view all water SPIDs please reduce the total number of points selected by filtering on a wholesaler or retailer or a retailer/wholesaler category.

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