Market Performance Standards (MPS) dashboard

This dashboard allows for a high-level overview of Market Performance Standard (MPS) data. The main page shows a market-level view of MPS both over time and split by standard. A trading party performance comparison view is available for each standard. The Detail page allows the export of all high-level MPS data. The About page presents more information about the dashboard and each standard. This data is accurate as at the first business day of the month and is updated on the 16th business day of every month. For further guidance on how to use this dashboard click here. For more information on Trading Party Performance click here.

MPS calculation challenges

MOSL is in the process of investigating a number of challenges raised by a trading party over the accuracy of calculation against Market Performance Standards (MPS). At this stage, based on the investigations performed to date, MOSL does not consider that there is sufficient evidence of any material error in MPS calculations which would require a suspension in related charges or performance reporting. This matter was noted at Market Performance Committee meeting 72 and further information can be found in the related paper - MPC72_11