School Benchmark dashboard

As part of a proof of concept to better understand customer segments within the non-household water market, and promote water efficiency, MOSL has been working with the Department for Education (DfE). The DfE is responsible for 23k schools and 9.3m water-using pupils in England and Wales (8.2m in England). We have combined central market data with DfE data allowing us to generate a view of school water usage at a national, school and pupil level. This dashboard presents a market summary view focussing on average school and pupil water usage metrics and how these vary by trading party. Trading parties also have access to a school-level view by logging into MyCharts on MyMOSL. These results will help inform the Market Improvement Fund Project Discovery, who are looking to develop a national consumption benchmarking model that can be applied across the industry. For further guidance on how to use this dashboard click here. For more information on environmental impact click here.

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