Switching dashboard

This dashboard gives an overview of the current switching rates and behaviours within the market. The data looks at the number of successful T108 transactions, the number of supply points (SPIDs) that have switched at least once, and the meter read methods submitted by trading parties during the switching process. The dashboard consists of three tabs: the first shows a breakdown of switches at a transactional level, the second relates to the number of SPIDs that have switched at least once, including a cumulative total trend view, and the third is a net view of switching, which shows the total number of incoming and outgoing switches per retailer. This data can be filtered by service category, switch date, incoming or outgoing retailer, and by wholesaler. This data is accurate as at the first business day of the month and is updated on the 9th business day of every month. The About page provides more detail about each measure. To see a detailed Q&A video breaking down the Switching dashboard click here. For further guidance on how to use this dashboard, please click here. For more information on switching activity click here.

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