Trade Effluent Discharge Points dashboard

This dashboard provides a high-level overview of Trade Effluent discharge points (DPIDs) in the market. The total number of DPIDs are shown since market opening and can be sliced by owning Retailer and Wholesaler and volume discharged. DPIDs are also presented alongside attributes relating to their associated supply point, including tradeable status and vacancy status. A second page displays DPIDs on a map with postcode and ownership information.

This data is accurate as at the first business day of the month and is updated on the 9th business day of every month. The About page provides more detail about each measure used, as well as administrative details such as version control and contact points. For further guidance on how to use this dashboard click here. For more information on Trade Effluent see CSD 0206

Please note, there is a PowerBI limit to the number of points that can be displayed on the map so not all DPIDs will be visualised at small scales / ie when no selection (retailer or wholesalers) is made . To ensure you view all DPIDs please reduce the total number of points selected by zooming in or filtering on a wholesaler or retailer or a retailer/wholesaler category.