Water Efficiency Dashboard

This dashboard uses CMOS data enriched with data from several additional sources, including water resource 2019 submissions from water companies, Environment Agency’s 2021 water stress designations, MOSL's industry type categorisation and annual water company operational carbon emissions.

The dashboard has two tabs, the first shows non-household supply points and consumption and the second shows supply points that have been successfully matched to a customer industry segment. Both tabs allow users to filter by trading party, Water Resource Planning Region and water scarcity attributes associated with water stress regions and water resource zones.

This data is accurate as at the first business day of the month and is updated on the 9th business day of every month.

The 'About' page provides more detail about each measure used, as well as administrative details such as version control and contact points. 

For further guidance on how to use this chart, please click here.

For more information on Environmental Impact, please click here.

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