Audit and Risk Committee

The primary function of the Audit and Risk Committee is to assist the Board in overseeing MOSL's financial reporting, the market audit process and internal risk management systems.

What does the Committee do? 

The Committee’s duties include:  

  • Making recommendations to the Board in relation to the market, internal and external audits
  • Monitoring the integrity of MOSL’s financial statements
  • Reporting to the Board on significant financial reporting issues
  • Reviewing the consistency of, and any changes to, significant accounting policies
  • Providing oversight on whether MOSL has followed the appropriate accounting standards
  • Reviewing the adequacy and effectiveness of MOSL’s internal financial controls and risk management systems 
  • Considering MOSL’s policies in relation to financial reporting, including whistleblowing, fraud and bribery.

The Committee usually meets three to four times a year, with proceedings presented to the Board after each meeting.

For more information, please see the Audit and Risk Committee Terms of Reference.

Committee members

Members of the Committee and the Chair are appointed by the Board. The Committee should be made up of at least three members, two of whom are Non-Executive Directors of the MOSL Board. At least one member will have recent and relevant financial experience. The current members of the Audit and Risk Committee are: 

  • Hunada Nouss – Chair of the Committee and MOSL Board Member
  • Anita Adam – Associated Retailer Director and MOSL Board Member
  • Johanna Dow – Unassociated Retailer Director and MOSL Board Member
  • Chris Pond – Non-executive Director and MOSL Board Member

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