Digital and Data Committee

The Digital and Data Committee is a Board Committee thatsupports MOSL in its aims to enable the market to operate at a lower cost with greater speed and accuracy, and by encouraging the effective use of a single source of accurate data by all stakeholders.

What does the Committee do? 

The Committee is responsible for:  

  • Ensuring MOSL’s Digital and Data strategy and roadmap are clearly articulated and there is alignment between MOSL and its trading parties
  • Providing input and direction to the MOSL (and wider market) digital and data strategies 
  • The overall strategy for the technical architecture of MOSL
  • Ensuring MOSL is up to date with technology developments globally and across industry
  • Reviewing and approving significant technology contracts for MOSL
  • Providing a collegiate approach to data across industry in all aspects, including strategy; governance; quality; continuous improvement; execution; analytics and reporting 
  • Ensuring MOSL adhere to best practice for data governance and management. 

The Committee usually meets three times a year, with proceedings presented to the Board after each meeting.

For further information, please read the Digital and Data Committee’s Terms of Reference. 

Committee members

The Committee Chair and its members are appointed by the MOSL Board. The Committee should be comprised of at least three MOSL Board Members and the Chief Information Officer of MOSL. 

The current members of the Digital and Data Committee are: 

  • Cliff Kamara – Non-Executive Director and MOSL Board Member

  • Amy Duffield – Co-opted Member from Wave

  • Sarah McMath – MOSL CEO and Board Member

  • Hunada Nouss – Non-Executive Director and MOSL Board Member

  • Simon Powell – MOSL CIO

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