RWG Awards

Andrew Bamber “Outstanding Contribution to the Retail Market” Award

The RWG's main award is named after the late Andrew Bamber, former RWG Chair (pictured). The award recognises people who have contributed to the success of the RWG and/or the retail market over the last financial year.

The winner is voted on by individuals in the market. You can nominate your top three choices here. Your first place choice gets five points, second place gets three points and third place gets one point. You must choose three people in order, only vote once, and cannot vote for someone in your organisation. Any votes non-compliant with the rules will be discarded. 

RWG Chair Award

The RWG Chair Award is awarded to a RWG sub-group Chair, and is chosen by the RWG Chairs, Mike Rathbone and Ray Porter.

The voting window for both awards generally runs from February to March each year. 

The RWG Steering Group will oversee the award to ensure fairness, and in case of a tie, make a final award decision. 

Previous award winners are featured below.

2022/23 Award winners

I feel humbled to be recognised by fellow industry colleagues for my contribution to the non-household market. My experience of the RWG is so positive in the way it brings people together to find solutions for shared challenges, people who all have a passion for the water sector and delivering great service to customers.

Matt Rix, Yorkshire Water

2022/23 Andrew Bamber Award Winner

The RWG Groups have made some good progress this last year, on some tricky issues – great team effort. It’s lovely to be recognised for my part in it. Thank you.

Rosalind Carey, Business Stream

2022/23 Chair Award Winner

Wow, for the first time in my non-household market career I’m speechless, and for those of you that know me well, that’s very unusual and doesn’t happen often so make the most of it! Thank you to whoever nominated me and recognised my participation over the last 6 years. It is lovely to know that others have appreciated my input and makes all the hard work in addition to my day-to-day role here at NWL worth it.

Sian Forward, NWL

2022/23 Chair Award Winner

Previous winners


  • The Andrew Bamber Award winners - Lois Gill, Everflow, Martin Mavin
  • Joint Chair Award winners - Lynette Cross, Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, Matt Glover, WAVE


  • The Andrew Bamber Award winner - Simon Bennett, Bristol Water
  • Chair Award winner - Chris Dawson, MOSL

  • The Andrew Bamber Award winner - Chriss Duffy, Yorkshire Water
  • Chair Award winners - Paul Stelfox, United Utilities and Holly Corns, South West Water

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