RWG retailer and wholesaler Chair election

The RWG is a voluntary group of retailer and wholesaler representatives who work to identify opportunities and deliver solutions that improve outcomes for customers in the market. It is seeking nominations for retailer and wholesaler Chair roles.

Chair nominations

The RWG is co-chaired by an elected Retailer Chair and an elected Wholesaler Chair. A call for nominations for the Chair roles was opened from 12 June to 3 July 2024 for the following roles:

  • Wholesaler Chair (two-year term)
  • Retailer Chair (one year term)*

*One year term to introduce a future annual stagger between retailer and Wholesaler Chair elections, as required under the RWG Governance Framework. The Retailer Chair will be elected for a one-year term before returning to a two-year term from July 2025.

The Retailer Chair must be from a member organisation who is serving non-household customers i.e. considered to be an “active” trading party. The Wholesaler Chair must be from a licensed wholesaler operating in England or Wales. (By exception, the RWG Chairs may elect to approve a Chair from an organisation outside these criteria).

Following the conclusion of the nomination process the following nominations were received:

Wholesaler Chair:

  • Mike Rathbone

Retailer Chair:

  • Ray Porter
  • Fallon Wilkinson

As one nomination was received for the RWG Wholesaler Chair role Mike Rathbone is therefore appointed for a second two year term commencing 1 August 2024.

As two nominations were received for the RWG Retailer Chair role an election is required and the voting window is open (closing 6pm 23 July 2024). Retailer Contract Managers have been contacted via email with a request to submit their organisation’s vote and details of the statements for each retailer nominee as outlined below. Each retailer is entitled to submit one vote.   

Nominee Statements:

Ray Porter:

'I am the current Retailer Chair of the RWG, seeking re-election for a final one-year term. I have an extensive background in the design, development, and implementation of competitive markets in the utility sector - going back over 30 years and across many geographic territories around the world. This gives me insights into the shortfalls of our NHH market today and has informed my views on the nature of change necessary to address those shortfalls, plus how that change should best be developed and implemented. For the past five years, I have held a senior management role in the largest independent water retailer, with responsibility for a diverse operational portfolio that necessitates a multitude of operational touchpoints with the wholesaler community. This has given me an appreciation of the challenges facing the operation of the NHH market and an understanding that those challenges will only be met by effective co-operation between wholesalers and retailers. Yes, the development of strategy in the NHH market will define the roadmap to a flourishing market, in which the RWG will play an important supportive role. However, wherever that roadmap leads, there will be a need for wholesalers and retailers to co-operate to make that market deliver for our customers. That is, to make the best of whatever market is implemented. Hence, my continued enthusiasm for the role of Retailer Chair and my desire to work closely with the Wholesaler Chair to provide the strong leadership demanded at this critical time.'

Fallon Wilkinson:

'The RWG has played a huge role in making improvements to the market through Retailer and Wholesaler collaboration, and I would love the opportunity to build on this, improving the market for customers as well as trading parties. I have been an active participant in the RWG since it began, initially as a member of the R-Mex and Policy groups, and more recently as chair of the Settlement Group and Retailer Vice-Chair of the RWG. I helped progress the Change Proposal to obtain MOSL support for RWG, and following on from managing a consultation on Settlement am now progressing a Change Proposal to enable customer refunds to be paid beyond current Settlement limits. I was a member of the Panel (prior to Strategic Panel’s formation), and am a current member of the Market Performance Committee. I am also an active member of the UK Water Retailer Council. If elected as chair of the RWG my aim would be to build on the great work that the current chairs have done, further developing our relationships with Strategic Panel, Ofwat and MOSL with a view to ensuring RWG good practice or recommendations are included in relevant regulations or codes when needed. I would also broaden engagement and participation across RWG groups.'

Election process and timeline

  • 12th June - 3rd July at 6pm: Nomination window open.
  • 4th - 5th July: Nominations checked and collated (process overseen by RWG Vice Chairs)
  • W/c 8th - w/c 22nd July: Election period if more than one nomination is received for each Chair role. Retailer members will have one vote per organisation and can only vote for the retailer Chair. Wholesaler members will have one vote per organisation and can only vote for the wholesaler Chair.

    Votes will be counted for each Chair role when the voting window closes and the outcome will be verified by the RWG Vice Chairs. 

    Where only one nomination received for each Chair role by the closure of the nomination window an election will not be required and the nominees will be appointed.
  • W/c 29th July: Chairs appointed.


As one nomination was received for the RWG Wholesaler Chair role Mike Rathbone is therefore appointed for a second two year term commencing 1 August 2024.

The Retailer Chair role will be confirmed following the conclusion of the Retailer Chair election process.


If you have any questions, please contact

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