User Forum

The introduction of competition in water and wastewater retail services aims to increase efficiency, provide value for money, and improve customer service. The User Forum supports these goals by providing a collaborative environment in which the risks, challenges and opportunities for the market and its members can be identified and progressed to achieve the best outcome for customers.

The purpose of the User Forum

  • The User Forum provides a platform through which trading parties may meet to identify, resolve and document market risk, challenges or required action as set out in Section 8 of the Market Arrangements Code (MAC)
  • It gives trading parties the opportunity to discuss issues arising from the development and functioning of the competitive market
  • It acts as a forum for trading parties to discuss any change proposals which the User Forum has been consulted on by the Panel or discuss any potential change proposals.

RWG Partnership

The User Forum has partnered with the Retailer Wholesaler Group (RWG), who will present proposed changes for trading party information and input. Discussions at the User Forum may also result in the emergence of candidate projects for the RWG. Outputs from the RWG typically include:

  • Good practice guidance
  • Market Code change proposals
  • Information to inform the development of regulatory guidance documents.

Meeting Frequency

The User Forum is held virtually via Microsoft Teams at least once a quarter. It is chaired by MOSL and the event details are available on the MOSL website as well as through the dedicated mailing list. If you would like to receive information on the User Forum, please sign up via our mailing list form, selecting 'User Forum' as a preference.

Recordings of previous meetings, along with the Q&A document are available to view on each meeting event, found in the table below. The User Forum is an open forum as such membership is open to all retailer and wholesaler members. Members are also invited to raise and present agenda items. 

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