Code Change Committee


As may be delegated by the Strategic Panel, the Code Change Committee will:

  • Keep the contents of the market codes under review and make recommendations on proposed changes to Ofwat
  • Approve forms and supporting documents that MOSL is requiredto produce under the Code Subsidiary Documents and Operational Subsidiary Documents from time to time
  • Refer proposed changes to the market codes with potwential impact on strategic programmes to the Strategic Panel
  • Where appropriate request MOSL prepare and submit housekeeping and non-substantive code changes directly to Ofwat on its behalf.


The Code Change Committee has the following voting members:

  • Independent chair
  • Wholesaler members (x2)
  • Retailer members (x2)
  • Independent members (x2)
  • Customer representative
  • Alternative customer body.

The following are non-voing affilate members:

  • Ofwat representatives
  • Defra representatives

Appointment Process

Wholesalers and retailers will be invited to nominate candidates for selection by the Strategic Panel. The Strategic Panel will also appoint the independent members. 

The customer representative member will be nominated by CCWater and appointed by the Strategic Panel and the alternative customer body member will be nominated and appointed by the Strategic Panel.

MOSL will provide secretariat support to the Code Change Committee.


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