Code Change Committee Nominations

The Strategic Panel have formed a Nominations Committee to shortlist, select and appoint the new Code Change Committee (CCC). This is part of the requirements, outlined in code change CPM039/CPW124: ‘Revisions to Panel Composition’, to transition responsibilities from the current Panel to the new arrangements, namely the Strategic Panel and a Code Change Committee. The Code Change Committee will be responsible for reviewing the contents of the market codes and making recommendations on code changes to Ofwat.


The Strategic Panel held their inaugural meeting on 19 November following which trading parties were invited to nominate suitable candidates for the new Code Change Committee. The Code Change Committee has two retailer and two wholesaler seats. The Trading Party Code Change Committee member role description is available to download below.

Nominations closed on Friday 17 December at 6pm. 

The following nominations were received for the two retailer and two wholesaler Code Change Committee members:

  • Retailer Code Change Committee members - six nominations
  • Wholesaler Code Change Committee members - three nominations

The nominees have been reviewed by the Nomination Committee and shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by an interview panel formed from the Nomination Committee. Appointments to the Code Change Committee are expected to be made at the end of January/early February 2022.

Nominations Committee members

The members of the Nominations Committee are: -

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