Governance Sub-group

The Governance Sub-group will develop changes to the Market Arrangements Code (MAC) and Wholesale Retail Code (WRC) arising from the Panel Effectiveness Review.

Sub-group Members

Governance sub-group members were nominated by trading parties, CCW and the Panel. At its April 2021 meeting, the Panel appointed all those nominated onto the Governance Sub-group subject to receipt of confirmation and release letters. 


  • Christina Blackwell (CCW)
  • Christopher Wright (Castle Water and Proposer of CPM021)
  • Elsa Wye (Panel Member)
  • John Vinson (Consultant)
  • Julian Tranter (Thames Water)
  • Neil Pendle (Waterscan)
  • Rupert Redesdale (The Water Retail Company) 


  • Angela Day (MOSL, Sub-group Chair)
  • Adam Richardson (MOSL, Sub-group Secretary)
  • Dan Mason (Ofwat and Proposer of CPM039, CPM040 & CPW121)

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