Business Customer Measure of Experience (B-MeX) working group

The B-MeX working group has been set up on behalf of the Market Performance Committee (MPC) to develop a B-MeX masurement solution. The group will be responsible for investigating and creating a pilot solution to capture the business customer experience with a wholesaler, following the publication of the Europe Economics report.


MOSL put out a request for nominations to fill positions for 5 trading parties. We have had an good response to this request and the MPC will select the membership of the B-MeX working group at MPC 52 on 29 July 2021. Please use the link above for details of nominee names and biographies. 

If you have any questions please contact the Panel Secretariat.


The working group is expected to meet monthly with occasional ad hoc or urgent meetings. Meetings will currently be held virtually.

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