Metering Committee

The purpose of the Metering Committee is to oversee and inform the areas of work on improving the metering arrangements set out in the market codes.

What does the committee do?

The objectives of the Metering Committee are to:

  • Support MOSL and the Panel in prioritising improvement work under the Strategic Metering Review
  • Carry out required investigation and evidence gathering from trading parties and others
  • Engage with third parties on areas of innovation as necessary
  • Make recommendations on identified code change proposals to the Panel.

For more information on the Metering Committee, please refer to its Terms of Reference.


The Metering Committee consists of 11 voting members with a non-voting chair, all with relevant experience in the field of metering and settlement, as set out further in Section 4 of the Terms of Reference. The members are:

  • Steve Formoy – Chair (MOSL)
  • Claire Yeates – Retailer Member (Waterscan)
  • Mark Doherty – Retailer Member (Business Stream)
  • Claire Stanness – Retailer Member (Wave Utilities)
  • Paul Heron – Retailer Member (Castle Water)
  • Ben Kershaw – Retailer Member (Water Plus)
  • Michelle Thompson – Wholesaler Member  (Anglian Water)
  • Mitchell Yeoman-Boldry - Wholesaler Member (Yorkshire Water)
  • Kat Grimley - Wholesaler Member (Thames Water Utilities)
  • Angela Brown - Wholesaler Member (Northumbrian Water)
  • Emma Birch - Wholesaler Member (United Utilities)
  • Christina Blackwell – Customer Representative (CCW)

Contact the Metering Committee

If you would like to contact the Committee or the Committee Secretary, please contact the Panel Secretariat.


The Metering Committee meetings occur on an ad hoc basis until the completion of the strategic metering review.
They are likely to meet on a monthly basis. The dates are available in the table below.

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