Strategic Panel


The purpose of the Strategic Panel during the transitonal period is to appoint the Code Change Committee members.

Following the transitional period the purpose of the Strategic Panel includes:

  • Transposing strategic directions set by Ofwat and Defra into actions and programmes of work for the Market Operator and its members in relation to the non-household water market
  • Keeping the contents of the market codes under review, making recommendations on proposed changes and delegating powers to the Code Change Committee to carry these out
  • Engaging with market stakeholders
  • Working with MOSL to develop the scope and plan for market audits and reviewing audit findings
  • Providing advice, recommendations and support to MOSL on market entry assurance and re-assurance
  • Commenting on MOSL budget, services and charges
  • Overseeing market performance
  • Establishing the Disputes and Market Performance Committees.



The Strategic Panel has the following voting members:

  • Independent Chair
  • Wholesaler Members (x2)
  • Retailer Members (x2)
  • Independent Members (x3)
  • Customer Representative.

The following are non-voing affilate members:

  • Ofwat representatives
  • Defra representatives
  • Secretary.


Appointment Process

Ofwat has formed a Panel Nomination Committee to appoint the Strategic Panel.  The Panel Nomination committee comprises:

  • Ofwat 
  • Defra 
  • MOSL 
  • Strategic Panel Chair (once appointed).


The Strategic Panel Chair is normally appointed by the Strategic Panel but the inaugural Strategic Panel Chair will be appointed by the Panel Nomination Committee. Once appointed they will join the Panel Nomination Committee to appoint Strategic Panel members.

Wholesalers and retailers will be invited to nominate candidates for selection by the Panel Nomination Committee. The Panel Nomination Committee will also appoint the independent members.  The customer representative Panel member will be nominated by CCWater and appointed by the Chair. The Strategic Panel Secretary is provided by MOSL.



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