Market Governance Review

The Panel is seeking to enable change that will deliver a successful market for the benefit of business customers. This page brings into one place the review findings and actions being taken to address its recommendations.

Robust, efficient, and effective governance is an essential component of a well-functioning market.  Four years on from market opening, now is an appropriate time to review whether current governance arrangements are fit to deliver stakeholder expectations of the market. As outlined in MOSL’s 2020/21 Business Plan, we having been working with the Panel to undertake a review of the market governance arrangements and Panel effectiveness.  This page includes the findings from the Panel Effectiveness Review, led by Satori Board Review, and the next steps in implementing the recommendations of its report.


In 2020, the Panel established a Governance Steering Group to manage the delivery of the Market Governance Review.  The Steering Group commissioned independent consultant Satori Board Review to review Panel effectiveness. Satori’s work covered Panel stakeholders, purpose, strategy, structure, operations, meetings, decision making, and development. As part of the review, Satori surveyed wholesalers and retailers and conducted detailed interviews with Panel members and key stakeholders. Satori presented their Final Report to the Panel in February 2021.

Satori noted Panel members commitment and aspiration for progress, in addition to their day jobs. However, they also observed differences of opinion, both within the Panel and across the industry, on the role and purpose of the Panel.  These differences appear to drive different assessments of Panel performance. 

Satori’s report includes several recommendations which were accepted by the Panel at its February meeting.  The recommendations have been split into two workstreams - a strategic roadmap and a service roadmap - to support the implementation of tactical 'quick wins'  and longer-term strategic changes.

Strategic Roadmap

To measure Panel effectiveness, the purpose and role of the Panel need to be known and clearly understood. When the market opened in 2017 the Panel’s responsibilities, principles and objectives to guide its decision making were set out in the market codes.  Some stakeholders now believe the Panel should have a more strategic role than the largely transactional responsibilities set out in the market codes. They also believe the Panel should facilitate innovation and customer benefit, neither of which are currently included in the code principles.

The first step of the Strategic Roadmap will be to confirm the purpose and role of the Panel.  This will be achieved through further consultation with the Panel, trading parties and senior stakeholders such as Ofwat and Defra. 

Once the purpose has been defined, the Panel will look at the skills and knowledge required to deliver against it and, where required, the Panel’s structure and composition will be redesigned.  The term of the current Panel has been extended to 30 September 2021 to allow any changes in Panel composition to be implemented before the next Panel elections are held.

A clear purpose will inform the objectives and the principles that underlie the Panel's decision making. These will be used to develop strategies and specific action plans which will inform MOSL's business planning.  The chart below shows how  the Panel's purpose feeds into objectives, strategies and plans.

Service Roadmap

Satori identified a range of quick wins and working practice adjustments to improve Panel performance and the code change delivery service.  These include improving transparency and communication, enhanced meeting protocols, and improvements to the consideration and prioritisation of code changes.  For more information please refer to Satori’s Final Report. The Panel intends to implement these 'quick wins' alongside the development and delivery of the Strategic Roadmap. 


Role: Programme sponsor and client

Members: Panel Members

ToR: Panel Terms of Reference

Governance Steering Group

Role: Programme management

Members: Trisha McAuley (Chair), Pamela Taylor (Independent), Martin Mavin (Wholesaler), Nicola Smith (Retailer) Dan Mason (Ofwat), Adam Richardson (MOSL)

ToR: June 2020 Panel Workstreams Update (Section 4)

Governance Subgroup

Role: Delivery of change proposals

Members: Angela Day (MOSL, Chair), Christina Blackwell (CC Water), Christopher Wright (Castle Water), Dan Mason (Ofwat), Elsa Wye (Panel Member), John Vinson (Consultant), Julian Tranter (Thames Water), Neil Pendle (Waterscan), Rupert Redesdale (The Water Retail Company)

ToR: Subgroup Terms of Reference

Strategic Stakeholder Group

Role: Consultation body

Members: Dan Mason (Ofwat), Sarah McMath (MOSL CEO), Kruti Patel (Defra), Mike Keil (CC Water), Trisha McAuley (Panel Chair)

ToR: N/A

Change Proposals

These changes seek to increase engagement, enable effective change and improve representation at the Panel. 


Panel membership and voting rights

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Revisions to Panel Composition

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CPM040 & CPW121

MAC and WRC Principles

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