Panel Transition

On 28 July 2021 Ofwat approved CPM039 & CPW124: 'Revisions to Panel Composition'.  This change will replace the existing Panel with a Strategic Panel and a Code Change Committee. The change will be implemented during a transition period beginning on 1 September 2021 until the new Strategic Panel and Code Change Committee are appointed.  This is expected to be completed before March 2022. This page provides information on the appointment of the two new groups.

Three Panels

During the transition period, the current Panel will continue its responsibilities for developing and recommending change to the market codes, overseeing market performance and resolving disputes. The term of current trading party Panel members was not automatically extended in Ofwat's decision on CPM039.  Therefore the Panel will consider at its meeting in August whether to request Ofwat extend the terms of office of trading party Panel members. Any Panel roles that have not been extended to cover the transition period will be appointed at a Panel election expected to be held on Wednesday 29 Sptember 2021 at 4pm.

A Panel Nomination Committee has been formed by Ofwat comprising representatives from Ofwat, Defra and MOSL.The Panel Nomination Committee's first duty is to appoint the Strategic Panel Chair. The appointed Strategic Panel Chair will then join the Panel Nomination Committee to appoint the Strategic Panel Members. Further information on the appointment of the Strategic Panel can be found on the Strategic Panel page.

Once appointed the Strategic Panel will appoint the Code Change Committee Chair and the Code Change Committee. Further information on Code Change Committee appointments can be found on the Code Change Committe page.

Once both Strategic Panel and Code Change Committee are appointed, the transition period will end, and these groups will assume the current Panel's responsibilities.


The following table summarises the membership of the existing and new panel groups.


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