Performance Advisory Group (PAG)

The Performance Advisory Group (PAG) aids the Market Performance Framework (MPF) reform programme by informing and guiding on topics relating to the design and application of future performance interventions. The PAG is made up of subject matter experts (SMEs) on performance interventions in the market. 

You can read the PAG's Terms of Reference by clicking on the link opposite. 


Following a call for nominations which led to a wide range of interest from across the market, 12 core members were appointed by the programme team in June 2022. The members cover a cross-section of the market and bring a broad experience of performance frameworks within their organisations and from previous experience outside the water market.

  • Emily Jerrome - Water2Business
  • Mike Rathbone - Severn Trent
  • Sarah Scott - Veolia
  • Trevor Nelson - Business Stream
  • Claire Yeates - Waterscan
  • Wendy Monk - Wave
  • Andrew Smith - Castle Water
  • Jon Fuller - Wessex Water
  • Kate Russell - Yorkshire Water
  • David Morris - Waterplus
  • Richard Varley - South West Water
  • Adam Boyns - CCW
  • Chris Dawson - MOSL (Chair)
  • Helen Fryer - MOSL (Secretariat)

Additional non-core members may attend meetings to add their insights with the prior approval of the PAG Chair. If you would like to attend a future meeting please email


Meetings occur fortnightly to monthly with occasional ad-hoc meetings. Meetings are held virtually. 

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