The Baseline Statement

The Baseline Statement lists all live market codes framework documents along with training, guidance, and policy documents. It includes their current version, updates, change process and ownership. This document is owned by MOSL and updated when a new version of any listed documents is created.

The Baseline Statement documents the following elements:

  • Document type
  • Location (with a hyperlink if on the MOSL website)
  • Title
  • The latest version number
  • Implementation date (or the date of the most recent update if no longer an original version)
  • Sections affected by the latest change (if updated)
  • Party responsible for its approval (typically Ofwat, Strategic Panel, or the Market Operator);
  • Change process (typically a change proposal reference, or the Market Operator)
  • Relevant provisions (typically references to sections of the Market Codes or legislation).


How to use 

You can filter by document title and implementation date by clicking on the drop down filters below.

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