MOSL manages changes to the Market Arrangements Code (MAC) and Wholesale Retail Code (WRC) on behalf of the non-household market. Changes can be proposed by any industry participant and MOSL supports proposers to design and develop proposals prior to Panel review and Ofwat determination whether to implement the proposal. This page provides information on current changes, how to engage with the change process and how to propose new changes.

MOSL prepares a change report for the Panel each month describing the progress of each change proposal and the anticipated implementation programme.  The current change report can be downloaded from the link on the right.  Previous reports can be downloaded in the Panel papers.

MOSL may consult on behalf of the Panel to gather evidence on the need for and impact of a change proposal. Input from market participants and customers is welcomed and live consultations can be accessed through the link on the right.

If you wish to raise a change please follow the link on the right which provides templates and contact details to submit changes.

The Change Register below shows all proposals that have been formally submitted to change the Market Arrangements Code (prefixed CPM) or Wholesale Retail Code (prefixed CPW). Please use the filter and sort functions to navigate past and current changes and click on a change to view the documents associated with it.

Change Register

Reference Title Status Implementation date
CPW122 Introducing Direct Debit as a Payment Method Raised -
CPW123 Improved codes for ‘remote read type' Raised -
CPW067 Bulk Submission of Service Requests via MS Excel Planning -
CPW070 Bilateral Interfaces Solution Design 31/07/2021
CPW085 Premises Vacant transaction link to DPID Design 13/05/2022
CPW105 Provisions of Information Obligation Design 05/11/2021
CPM021 Panel Membership and Voting Rights Design 01/09/2021
CPW118 Minimum Meter Read Frequency Design 13/05/2022
CPW119 & CPM042 Dormant Trading Party Provisions Design 05/11/2021
CPW120 Final Meter Reads where no Visual Read is available Design 30/11/2021
CPM039 Revisions to Panel Composition Design 01/09/2021
CPM040 & CPW121 MAC and WRC Principles Design 01/09/2021
CPW110 & CPM041 Sharing Non-Household Emergency Contact Details In Consultation 13/05/2022
CPW106 Management of Long-Term Vacant Supply Points Post-consultation 27/08/2021
CPW117 Shortening the late payment default timeline for a credit support reduction Post-consultation 05/11/2021

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