Code change consultations

The table below lists open consultations on changes to the market codes. To view or respond to a consultation please click on the link(s) below. Responses should be submitted by 6pm on the response deadline. If you have any queries on a consultation please contact

Reference Title Summary Issued Response Deadline Consultation Link
CPW126 Settling of Post RF Primary Charges

This change seeks to amend the restrictions on Wholesalers invoicing positive amounts to Retailers after the RF settlement run. The proposed solution is to enable Wholesalers to invoice these amounts up to 28 months following the RF settlement run, in instances where the Retailer has received the correct charge from the customer.

12 February 2024 1 March 2024 Link

Associated consultations

The table below lists consultations not directly linked to a code change. These consultations are often pre-cursors to market code changes depending on the outcome of the consultation.

Title Summary Issued Response deadline Consultation Response link

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