Pipeline Changes

Changes will appear on this page during the pipeline phase when they are assessed by the Market Operator against the Initial Acceptance Criteria. Some changes may appear earlier if the Market Operator has a high degree of confidence that they will be proposed e.g., changes arising from strategic programmes. Changes on this page have pipeline reference numbers beginning PIP and may not be sequential. 

Changes that pass the Initial Acceptance Criteria are assigned a change reference beginning CPM and/or CPW and are then presented to the Code Change Committee for assessment against the Acceptance & Prioritisation Criteria. This may be at the next scheduled meeting or later if further work to evidence the problem statement and case for change is needed. Please refer to the Change webpage to track their progress.

Changes that fail the Initial Acceptance Criteria will not be presented to the Code Change Committee, however the proposer may amend the Change Proposal Form to address the Market Operator's concerns and re-submit for re-assessment.

Assessment Date Reference Change Proposal Assessment Outcome



Governance of Incentive Scheme Guidance Documents





Market Performance Framework Reform


CPM058 & CPW149

Proposing a change

Find out how to propose a change to the market codes

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Change Process Criteria

Initial Acceptance Criteria, Acceptance & Prioritisation Criteria and Urgent Change Process Criteria


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