Raising a Change Proposal

Changes to the Market Arrangements Code (MAC) and Wholesale Retail Code (WRC) can be proposed by industry participants, Panel members, Ofwat and MOSL. 

To raise a change proposal, please complete the Change Proposal Form below and email it to codechange@mosl.co.uk.

We request that proposers contact us using the above email address before submitting proposals so that we can provide advice on the service we offer and assistance with drafting the proposal and developing the solution. The change charter below provides more information on the service provided by MOSL

Once raised, MOSL will present your proposal to the Panel who will determine the appropriate route for its progression. This may include input from the MOSL, Panel Committees, sub-groups and a trading party consultation, and can take from one to several months depending on the complexity and impact of the proposal.

Once the proposal is fully assessed and developed it will be presented to the Panel to recommend to Ofwat. After consideration, Ofwat will either approve the proposal for implementation on a set date, reject it, or in some cases return it for further assessment and development.

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