Market Insight

Our role as market operator means we have unique access to market data that can deliver significant improvement and change. In this section you can access our market charts as well as the MOSL portal, which houses trading party-specific data. This section will also contain outputs from our Data Insight improvement programme as well as a downloadable catalogue of the external data services that MOSL provides.

You can also find a link to the outputs from our Market Data Strategy and Roadmap, such as the Market Data Services document and Data User Personas.

Please note that we are in the process of updating and improving our market charts. If you'd like to provide feedback on any of the updates, please email Introductory videos on how to use the Market Insight dashboards and maps can be found in the Training and Guidance section of the website.

How is the market structured?

Supply and Services

Find out more about supply and services and how these are shared across trading parties.

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Service Components

A breakdown of the different chargeable water and sewerage services by wholesaler area

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Market Meters

Around 90 per cent of non-household water supply points are metered, but not all are the same. Find out more here.

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How is the market operating?

Switching Activity

The market is all about choice. Find out more about how those choices are made here.

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Wholesale Settlement

Find out how water flows through the market and how it is reconciled each month.

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Meter Reads

We operate a complex market built on meter reading data. Find out more here.

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How is the market performing?

Trading Party Performance

How wholesalers and retailers are performing for customers.

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Environmental Impact

Discover resources to support the water industry’s response to drought, water efficiency and decarbonisation.

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Large Water Users

Find out more about the top consuming 1% of non-household customers using over 50% of the water in the market.

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