Switching Activity

The water retail market allows customers to choose their retailer provider, enabling them to switch retailer. The process for switching retailer is defined in CSD 0102: Registration: Transfers.

All supply points receiving any water or sewerage services must be registered to a retailer. When a non-household customer changes its retailer, this change in responsibility is recorded in the Central Market Operating System (CMOS).

As of 24/07/2023, there was a total of 580,140 switches in the market with 19.3% of Supply Points switching at least once. Out of those, 18.09% were water supply point switches and 20.68% were sewerage switches.

MOSL publishes monthly switching reports that show the overall switching rate by different types of customer.

View Switching Dashboard

Switch rate maps

The interactive maps below show the Water and Sewerage Wholesaler boundaries (including NAVs) published by Ofwat, as well as a high level overview of the switching rates in each of the wholesaler regions (measured as the number of successful T108 transactions per 1000 active tradable SPIDs owned by each wholesaler).

Water Switch Rates by Wholesale Region since April 2017

Switches per 1000 Water SPIDs in each of Ofwat’s Wholesaler Supply Boundaries.


Sewerage Switch Rates by Wholesale Region since April 2017

Switches per 1000 Sewerage SPIDs in each of Ofwat’s Wholesaler Sewerage Boundaries.


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