Wholesale Settlement

This section provides insight on how water flows through the non-household market based on wholesale-retail settlement calculations.

Settlement is the process through which MOSL calculates how much water and sewerage services have been consumed and the associated charges owed by retailers to wholesalers. For more information on settlement is calculated see CSD 0207: Charge Calculation, Allocation and Aggregation.

As of 01/06/2023, 74.33% of supply points lie in the 100-1000l/d MOSL banding with 7.85% ML/day.

There are five different planned settlement runs for each invoice period P1, R1, R2, R3 and RF. For more details on these settlement runs see CSD 0201: Settlement Timetable and Reporting.

Settlement-based Consumption Dashboard

View consumption trends derived from settlement data.

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Water Consumption by Postal Sector map

A total view of non-household water consumed by postal sector.

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