Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) & Trade effluent masterclass

Event description

The purpose of this masterclass is to try to unlock and explain the need for a Trade Effluent Consent, how the application is processed and how it is determined what the company will be allowed to discharge. We will also explain the crossover of Trade Effluent and Food Service Establishments (FSE’s).
Importantly we will also cover FOG – Fat, Oil, Greases - and how we can work with retailers to support customers in setting up grease management systems to reduce blockages, floods and pollutions and FOG getting into the sewer. As part of this we will explore the ‘Circular Economy’ around FOG and its value as a repurposed waste for the production of green energy and biofuel.
We would like to invite any retailers interested in understanding more about this important subject to attend. We will also talk about the upcoming FOG Summit in October that we are encouraging retailers to register for. As we look at ways to reduce the impact of blockages and support sustainable solutions for the environment, it is important that water companies work with retailers to develop solutions.

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Date 28th June 2022

Time 11:00 am-12:00 pm

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