Market Governance Consultation Overview Webinar

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 The Market Governance Review is focused on efficient self-governance, enabling the market to develop for customers’ benefit.

On 24 May we launched industry-wide consultations to gather views on the purpose, composition and decision making principles of a future panel or governing bodies.

These changes will have far-reaching impacts and we encourage all trading parties to respond to ensure we have a wide range of voices to inform the outcomes.

Recognising that there is a lot of information contained in the consultation and that it is a busy time for members, we have produced a Consultation Overview (attached below) which sets the context for the consultations and explains which documents require the closest attention.

This webinar provided a further opportunity to hear an overview of the consultations and the chance to ask key questions and vote on fundamental questions.

The event was facilitated by Karma Loveday, Editor of The Water Report.



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Consultation Overview


Market Governance Consultation webinar agenda


Market Governance Consultation Webinar slidepack


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Date 7th June 2021

Time 11:00 am-12:00 pm

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