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Following extensive consultation with the market, MOSL has today published its 2024-27 Business Plan for members to vote on.

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MOSL is pleased to announce the successful projects from the third round of the Market Improvement Fund (MIF).

 The latest version uses newly enriched market data at a supply point (SPID) level

Today we've published the Januray edition of Market Focus, our monthly on MOSL and market activities.

Our response focuses on the proposals around market code changes and interim supply

The updated roadmap highlights where progress is already being made, and where the ‘gaps’ remain.  

MOSL has published its draft 2024-27 Business Plan for consultation with members.

Today, MOSL has published its first Carbon Baseline Statement, one of the 12 commitments in our Sustainability Plan.

The joint open letter highlights progress since draft plans and areas where more action is needed

Today we've published the December edition of Market Focus, our monthly on MOSL and market activities.

MOSL's water-saving culture recognised by UK's leading water efficiency charity.

MOSL is pleased to announce it has appointed Cliff Kamara as a new Independent Non-Executive Director of the MOSL Board.

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