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The bilateral transactions programme has delivered considerably higher efficiency savings and more customer benefits than anticipated in the full business case.

MOSL and trading parties in the non-household water market have successfully delivered one of the biggest and most important improvement programmes since the market opened in 2017.

MOSL’s bilateral transactions programme is on course to achieve efficiency benefits 70 per cent higher than anticipated once the final phase is delivered at the end of November.

INDUSTRY COMMENT: Miles Robinson, Implementation Manager, explains the benefits of the bilateral transactions programme are significantly ahead of expectations (as published in The Water Report, November 2022)

Four more bilateral transactions processes just became easier, faster and more reliable.

Ofwat and Defra issued the following letter on Monday 8 November commending the launch of the first phase of the bilateral transactions programme on 22 September 2021.

For the past four years the way in which trading parties have managed communications in key market processes, such as locating or replacing a water meter, has varied between water companies and led to significant issues for customers.

The Bilaterals Programme Full Business Case gains approval from the MOSL Board

The Bilaterals Programme Outline Business Case (OBC) gains approval from the MOSL Board to progress to planning phase.

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