MOSL has published its fourth iteration of its Market Performance Operating Plan (MPOP) setting out the performance priorities and activities for MOSL, the Panel and the Market Performance Committee (MPC) for the year.

The purpose of the MPOP is to give visibility of the proposed market performance workplan (and associated costs) to trading parties and to ensure that the relevant priorities and activities are subject to regular review.

In June 2021 we published the Market Performance Operating Plan (MPOP) 2021/2022 Consultation seeking feedback on the following identified risk and focus areas:

  • Data Quality
  • Metering Issues and accuracy of settlement
  • Timely and accurate customer transfers (switching)

In addition, MOSL asked for feedback on the review of the following:

  • Market Assurance and the market Performance Framework (MPF)
  • Future direction of the Market Performance Operating Plans

In total we received 14 responses from nine wholesalers and five retailers with 67% coverage based on supply point allocation. Overall, respondents were broadly supportive and welcomed the focus on addressing data quality, metering issues and settlement accuracy. The full consultation responses can be found on MOSL’s website.

Your feedback has enabled MOSL to produce its MPOP setting out clear areas of improvement for the three key risk areas;

  • Data Quality: driving improvements to the quality of asset, customer and premises data in the Central Market Operating System (CMOS) supported by the Data Insight improvement programme.
  • Metering Issues and accuracy of settlement: Improving consumption data in CMOS to ensure that settlement is underpinned by the requisite volume and percentage of actual reads.
  • Timely and accurate customer transfers: This workstream will focus on accurate and timely customer transfers and the submission of meter reads.

Each of the focus areas either builds on learnings during the pandemic, or further strengthens the need to address specific risks highlighted in last year’s MPOP.   

In consulting on the scope and future direction on the operating plan we note that this year’s plan has been pared back from the previous year’s MPOP. As market operator, we have moved to a three-year business planning cycle and believe that the activities within the MPOP should be incorporated into MOSL’s business plan to ensure we adopt a consistent and measurable approach to market performance.  

If you have any questions regarding the Market Performance Operating Plan (MPOP), please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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