MOSL has published the responses to our call for inputs (CFI) on the reform of the Market Performance Framework (MPF) which ran from 2 November until 20 December 2021.

This was an opportunity for the NHH market to collectively assess what the current MPF achieves against current expectations and what the future expectations of a performance framework are. 

Overall we received 28 responses and would like to thank everyone for engaging with us during the CFI period.  

We are committed to increasing transparency and being open in the way we operate. As part of this commitment, our consultation response document outlines a summary of responses we received. We have also published the full anonymised responses received through the consultation.

The detail within the responses continues to be extracted and analysed. It will used by the MPF Reform programme to identify and confirm key risks and shape the potential tools, measures, levers and incentives which could be used in the future MPF.

The candidate frameworks which will emerge from this activity will be the subject of consultation in April 2022, and will help shape the case for change which will be presented to the Strategic Panel in July 2022.  

We have created a new webpage on the MPF Reform which we will update with more information as the programme develops.

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