The focus of this year’s event, which fell on the first day of the new national lockdown, was to outline MOSL’s priority improvement programmes, including data cleanse and insight, Strategic Metering Review and the Bilateral Transactions Programme – and provide an overview of our three-year business planning process. 

Rachel Fletcher, CEO of Ofwat, also presented the keynote speech on Ofwat’s vision for a market which “provides better quality service, better value for money and new propositions that increasingly meet the changing and diverse needs of customers and wider society” which aligns to MOSL’s purpose to “unlock value and choice for customers.” 

Following its CEO Forum on 5 November, MOSL shares the recording of the event along with slides and presentations

During the two-hour session, introduced by our new Chair, Anne Heal, we introduced new Board members, including recently appointed Independent Non-Executive Director, Hunada Nouss and heard from the new Chair of the Panel, Trisha McAuley. 

MOSL CIO, John Davies, and Finance Director, Steve Formoy, also led presentations before opening up the call to a Q&A with Sarah McMath and Rachel Fletcher. 

As part of our commitment to greater transparency, we are publishing the recording of the forum, along with the slide pack, speakers’ presentations and written responses to the live Q&A.

Please see the video below with timestamps for each presentation and the accompanying documents in order of the agenda:

CEO Forum slide pack
‘Welcome, introduction and objectives’ - Anne Heal, Trisha McAuley and Sarah McMath speaking bullets
‘MOSL’s strategic initiatives’ - John Davies speaking bullets
‘MOSL’s three-year business plan’ - Steve Formoy speaking bullets
‘A business retail market that creates value for society’ - Rachel Fletcher speech
Written responses to CEO Forum Q&A

Recording of CEO Forum

00.00 - Welcome - Anne Heal, MOSL Chair

07.20 - Welcome - Trisha McAuley, Panel Chair

11.38 - Introduction and objectives - Sarah McMath, MOSL CEO

26.26 - Key improvement programmes - John Davies, MOSL CIO

54.58 - Three-year business planning - Steve Formoy, MOSL Finance Director

1.11.18 - A vision for the business retail market - Rachel Fletcher, Ofwat CEO

1.31.14 - Q&A - Anne Heal, Sarah McMath and Rachel Fletcher

1.54.10 - Wrap up and next steps - Sarah McMath

If you have any questions regarding the CEO Forum, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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