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On behalf of the Panel Nominations Committee, MOSL is delighted to announce the appointment of the three Independent members of the new Strategic Panel. 

The Panel Nominations Committee invite senior executive level nominations with experience of strategic decision making to join the new Strategic Panel. 

MOSLon behalf of the industry Panel, is launching its first Market Improvement Fund.

On 8 July the Panel met to review the findings of the industry wide consultation.

In July 2021, Independent Non-Executive Director of the MOSL Board, Margaret Beels OBE, will be stepping down at the end of her second term.

We have published our AMPR which reflects on our delivery against the Market Performance Framework Roadmap and our wider improvement work, providing an overview of trading party performance across 2020/21.

Today MOSL announces the appointment of Philip Marsden as Independent NED of Board

MOSL today published its 2021-24 Business Plan, following approval from its members at a General Meeting on 25 February.

On 7 January 2021, MOSL published its draft 2021-24 Business Plan for member consultation.

MOSL is a company that is committed to its people and ensuring that we are designed to deliver for the market we operate.

MOSL welcomes highly experienced Non-Executive Director Hunada Nouss to its Board

Lucy Darch, CEO of Wave Utilities, has been appointed as the new Associated Retailer Director of the MOSL Board.

MOSL welcomes its new Board Chair as the industry code Panel appoints its first independent Chair under new code change

Today MOSL published its Strategic Architecture document which defines the direction of the company for 2021-24

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