Today, MOSL publishes its Annual Market Performance Report (AMPR) which reflects on our delivery against the Market Performance Framework (MPF) Roadmap and our wider improvement work, providing an overview of trading party performance across 2020/21.

This year’s report also includes the publication of the bi-annual trading party peer comparison league tables showing performance against the standards under the Market Performance Framework (MPF).

The impact of COVID-19 is clear throughout the report. As non-household premises were forced to close, often for extended periods, this presented new challenges for the market. This year’s AMPR draws upon our experiences of the past year and deploying the Market Performance Operating Plan, which sought, in part, to understand and mitigate the risks of COVID-19.
We continued to track trading parties' performance whilst taking the necessary action of suspending performance charges and rectification plans.

Across the year we saw task volumes against the Market Performance Standards (MPS) and Operational Performance Standards (OPS) drop significantly in some areas. However, by working closely with trading parties, Ofwat, CCW and the Market Performance Committee (MPC), performance was maintained overall. We used the flexibility in the MPF and its associated reporting activities to focus on market . We will continue vigilantly monitoring and reporting this as lockdown unwinds, task volumes increase and as more meter readings are taken through 2021/22.

Providing accurate meter readings into settlement remains key. Lockdowns made reading meters harder and we continue to focus on ensuring that accurate reads are getting into the central system (CMOS) and that we reduce the number of long unread meters, which has risen during 2020/21.

We also recognise that access to clear information is invaluable. As businesses closed, we developed additional monitoring to provide information to trading parties on vacant premises, the quality of volume estimation and the overall variation in consumption. This analysis demonstrated the value in examining market performance and behaviours at aa trading party, regional, and market level. It provided insight into the different approaches being taken by trading parties and led to constructive and detailed conversations to support performance.

MOSL also delivered cost efficiencies in year, with a reduced overall cost of delivering the Market Performance Framework (MPF). This was due to both a reduction in meeting costs, as we moved to virtual meetings, and our planned move away from the use of contractors and interim resources.

Adam Richardson, Market Development Director said:

“The experience of the past year demonstrated the importance of putting customers at the heart of our decision making. Our data insight improvement programme is focused on developing a better view of customers and the review of the MPF will consider revisions to MPS and OPS which focus on providing incentives in areas which will give customers the most benefit.

The market continues to mature, and next April will mark five years of – providing a moment to reflect on how it has delivered for customers and identify opportunities for how it can continue to improve.”

The Market Performance Operating Plan for 2021/22 will outline our focus for the Market Performance Framework and will be published in Summer 2021.

If you have any queries regarding the AMPR or any of the improvement work being led by MOSL, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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