MOSL set out its strategic priorities for the next three years, as part of its new strategy for 2024-27.

The strategy is an evolution of the work undertaken in July 2020 to define our vision and purpose and set out our first multi-year strategy.

In our 2024-27 Strategy, you will notice familiar principles in how we prioritise work – finding the balance between delivering our core services and driving wider market improvement.

We are a data and people organisation. Having confidence in our capabilities in these areas has enabled us to look externally in developing this strategy and ask, ‘What has changed?’ Whether it’s the environmental and climate change challenges, the political and societal landscape, or where market priorities have evolved based on us having better data and information.

One of the guiding principles of this strategy establishes a continuum of our role to perform as market operator and transform the market. Being an intelligent and efficient service provider is critical to our ability to move into the transforming space. Reflecting this through our new strategic priorities, you will see the priorities, and the programmes of work which sit beneath them, span the performing and transforming line.

Our new strategic priorities are:

  • Market Confidence – Be a trusted market operator that assures market performance and resilience
  • Market Systems – Provide secure and efficient technology to meet future market needs
  • Water Security – Drive data and information to enable the market to positively affect water consumption
  • Market Evolution – Influence policy and promote solutions to support a flourishing market

People, data and sustainability become the foundations of the strategy – articulating the importance of how we operate as a responsible business.

On publishing the Strategy, MOSL CEO, Sarah McMath, said “I am proud of the journey MOSL has been on over the last three years. Working with trading parties and stakeholders, we have delivered what we set out to. We have built and strengthened our internal capabilities and used our independent voice and collective expertise to drive improvements in the market at both a strategic and tactical level.

Our new strategy is designed to be an evolution of the progress we have already made. It has evolved based on our extensive engagement with market participants to redefine the priorities, but also through the existing programmes of work which have, in many cases, identified additional areas of complexity and inconsistency which are causing real frustrations for non-household customers.

I look forward to working with all our stakeholders as we further define the scope of the work through our business planning and unlock the potential of the market to truly flourish.”

The strategy takes effect from the end of the current financial year, 1 April 2024. The timing of deliverables is not included as part of the strategy as this will be developed within our annual business plan, which is approved by members.

You can view and download an accessible version of the Strategy document here.

If you have any questions on MOSL’s 2024-27 Strategy, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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