MOSL has submitted a response to the House of Lords Industry and Regulators Committee inquiry into the work of the water regulator Ofwat. 

The Committee is reviewing Ofwat’s performance in meeting its objectives. The inquiry is also considering the adequacy of Ofwat’s remit and how successfully it works with other regulators and authorities, including the Environment Agency.

In our response we highlighted that while the non-household water market has come a long way in the five years since market opening, it is widely recognised that the market has not yet delivered to its full potential in terms of customer service, lower bills and greater water efficiency. 

We emphasised the importance of Ofwat’s ongoing review of the Retail Exit Code (REC) price caps and the PR24 price review to reevaluate decisions made at market opening to unlock ‘value’ and ‘choice’ in the market for customers. 

Our full response can be found here

If you have any questions on our response, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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