MOSL and the Strategic Panel have published a joint open letter setting out the view of the non-household (NHH) market following the publication of wholesalers updated Water Resources Management Plans (WRMPs).

The letter highlights MOSL and the Strategic Panel are pleased to see that there has been clear movement in a number of plans around NHH smart metering and water efficiency and closer alignment to achieving Defra’s legally binding target to reduce NHH water consumption by 9% by 2038.

The letter also highlights some wholesalers aren’t planning to complete the rollout of smart meters to NHH customers until 2040, while others are forecast an increase in NHH demand which would see them miss Defra's 9% target.

The letter goes on to highlight the importance of all wholesalers prioritising NHH water efficiency efforts, collaboration with retailers, and developing plans to make strong progress towards Defra’s 9% target by the end of AMP8 to avoid action being backloaded when it may be too late to avoid water shortages.

MOSL’s response is available here. We look forward to working with wholesalers as they work towards implementing their WRMPs.

We have shared a summary of our interpetation of commitments around NHH smart metering, water efficiency and demand reduction in the updated WRMPs with wholesalers. We have used a red, amber, green scale to highlight the level of commitments from companies in each area. We plan to publish this in mid-January once wholesalers have had time to review.*

*On 11 January, MOSL published this summary of non-household smart metering, water efficiency and demand reduction commitments in revised draft WRMPs.

If you have any questions on our response, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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