This month's edition of The Water Report features a Special Report about non-household market metering and an interview with our Finance Director about the launch of the Market Improvement Fund.

Special Report: Metering in the non-household market: where now, where next?

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We are delighted to have supported The Water Report in producing a Special Report into metering in the non-household market, which accompanies the September issue.

With contributions from across the industry, the report assesses how well the current metering arrangements are working and the various options for the future.

The report includes an article by MOSL CIO John Davies, in which he explains how MOSL is working with members of the Metering Committee to help facilitate discussions with trading parties and coordinate the industry's response to the challenges and opportunities the market faces.

As John explains: "The fact that just three per cent of customers consume around 70 per cent of the water in the non-household market – or around 20 per cent of the country’s water – is a jaw-dropping statistic. And a massive opportunity.

If we can influence the water usage patterns of the top consuming non-household customers – and potentially all customers in water scarce areas – it could make a big difference to the water efficiency challenge, not just in the non-household market, but nationally."

You can download the report here.


Gallop ahead: An interview with Steve Formoy, MOSL Finance Director

To coincide with the launch of the non-household market's first Market Improvement FundThe Water Report editor Karma Loveday interviewed MOSL Finance Director Steve Formoy to find out more about the workings of the fund and why it's so important for the industry to get involved.

View the article below, which is also available to download here.

 The Water Report September 2021 Market Improvement Fund

 Both features are available to The Water Report subscibers in both digital and hard copy. Digital versions have been shared with permission from The Water Report.

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