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As MOSL CIO, John Davies, becomes co-lead for the Spring community 'Providing services society expects, wants and needs' he shares his thoughts on how data can support better solutions and build trust in the water sector.

The third in our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) blog series - Kara Sadler, Operational Manager for the Flowmetering Business Unit at Z-Tech Control Systems, shares how she came to enter the water industry, her journey and experiences so far within it, the important EDI work she and others are progressing and her aspirations for the sector.

At the end of March, the Southeast Area Committee invited its members and their families/friends to attend the Annual General Meeting.

MOSL has become the latest member of Business in the Community (BITC), the Prince’s Responsible Business Network.

The second in our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) blog series - Stuart Boyle, Head of Market Design at MOSL, shares his thoughts about EDI, how different experiences can shape a person's values and outlook in life, and why it's so important that companies embrace minorities of all characteristics.

The first in our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) blog series - Oliver Nkosi, Consumer Relations Manager at CCW speaks about his role at CCW, his background, his personal perspective on EDI, and the positive actions he has seen the industry and CCW take in promoting equality.

How has the pandemic impacted how we interact with customers? MOSL's Head of Market Communications and Engagement explores.

Following the Panel and Ofwat’s approval of the Market Codes change, CPW119 and CPM042 – due for implementation on 5 November – it was also necessary to update MOSL’s Articles of Association to align with this change in membership.

Following the very successful launch of the Bilaterals Hub, John Gilbert shares his thoughts on collaboration and how collaboration divides the tasks and multiplies the successes.

For the past four years the way in which trading parties have managed communications in key market processes, such as locating or replacing a water meter, has varied between water companies and led to significant issues for customers.

It's been a year since Anne Heal became Chair of the MOSL Board. Read her blog to find out about her experience.

Our Finance Director, Steve Formoy has been inspired by the Olympics - read his blog and find out more.

Ofwat PR24 consultation

MOSL outlines it's overarching priorities for market improvement in PR24 consultation

MOSL is publishing a new set of vacancy dashboards to provide reliable visibility of vacancy performance and occupancy issues, to track trading party performance and enable peer comparison.

As part of the Market Performance Operating Plan (MPOP) 2020/21, MOSL committed to streamlining the customer and asset data management process.

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