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MOSL is publishing a new set of vacancy dashboards to provide reliable visibility of vacancy performance and occupancy issues, to track trading party performance and enable peer comparison.

As part of the Market Performance Operating Plan (MPOP) 2020/21, MOSL committed to streamlining the customer and asset data management process.

MOSL responds to Water UK's 2050 vision for the sector

‘One-size-fits-all’ is a term I struggle with. It sounds sensible, but it hardly ever works.

Today, we are setting out our support for Water UK's Net Zero 2030 Routemap

In the latest of our thought leadership series, MOSL's Head of People shares what she has learned about the important of communciation and colleague's wellbeing at at time of crisis. 

In the latest of our thought leadership series, MOSL's Head of Corporate Affairs shares what she has learned about communications whilst working remotely during this pandemic.

In a series of roundtable discussions, The Water Report's Karma Loveday asks Anne Heal, Trisha McAuley and Sarah McMath their views on key issues facing the retail water market.

MOSL call for greater focus on the non-household market to support wider innovation in the water sector

Alex Lovett joined MOSL for three weeks on work experience and shared his story with us.

On the day Jim Keohane chairs his final Panel Meeting, MOSL's Market Design Director, Adam Richardson, reflects on how the Panel are working to empower the water retail market through effective and efficient self governance.

MOSL outlines its work over the past 12 months to accelerate the pace of improvement in the water retail market.

Having officially celebrated her first 'MOSLversary' at MOSL, CEO Sarah McMath reflects on the successes and challenges of her first year and outlines future plans for the water retail market.

In June, Sarah McMath talked to Karma Loveday about targeted incentives for the largest users in water stressed area to encourage them to change how they consume water and create headroom and wider value in the business market.

As part of Waterwise's Water Saving Week, MOSL's Portfolio Manager Liz D'Arcy shares her thoughts on how businesses can contribute to water efficiency in England.

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